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3 Amazing Hairstyles for Thick Hair Texture

If you have thin hair, you struggle with doing a beautiful hairstyle. When you have thick hair, you struggle with keeping your hair gathered in a beautiful hairstyle all day long.

That’s why many women who have thick hair, don’t do anything sophisticated with their hair on a daily basis. Aren’t there any simple hairstyles for a thick texture that guarantee you a well-gathered hairstyle from morning till night? What kind of interesting hairstyle can you do with a thick texture ten minutes before school, college, or work?

Let’s have a look.

Simple & Beautiful: 3 Hairstyles for a Thick Texture

Even a thick texture allows you to do interesting and romantic hairstyles that are going to hold in place all day long. Just define in what condition your hair is more manageable – when it is straightened or curled. Curling your hair doesn’t mean spending two hours with a curling iron only. A messy curly look can be created under three minutes only. There are so many YouTube tutorials on how to do it right. Definitely, check them.

Here are 3 awesome hairstyles you can do every day before work or school. Everything you need is a couple of minutes in the morning.


  • Take two parts of hair on both sides. Pull them back and tie in a single knot. Take more hair on each side and tie one more knot. Repeat once again. Take all of your hair together. Twist it. You’ll get a low bun. Secure it with hairpins. You can go for a messier as well as a more polished look. It depends. What do you prefer more? What place are you doing the hairstyle for (work, school, restaurant, etc.)?
  • Take the top layer. Pull it back and create a standard braid, which is a three-strand braid. Loose it a little bit for a fuller look. You’re good to go. This hairstyle literally takes a minute.
  • Pick your hair up around the crown area, splitting and fishtail braiding. But do not braid it to the ends. Leave a few inches. This way it looks better. It is very similar to what we’ve done in the previous hairstyle. But this one can be worn even to a holiday party because of the festive look the braid itself has.

There are hairstyles for thick hair, which you can do literally under 5 minutes only and which are going to hold in place more than an hour or two. So, go ahead, try them now. And you’ll see that a thick hair texture is not about a ponytail only.

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