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How To Properly Take Care Of Thick Hair

If you were born a lucky one owner of the head of hair, then you most likely know what we are going to talk about. Coarse, hard to brush, fluffy and so irritating. These must be the very adjectives you can call your gorgeous bush of hair unless you treat it right. Some blame it on nature, but others somehow cope with all the difficulties of this type and manage to look stunning. If you want to be among the cohort of happy women with impressive head of hair, stay tuned!

One of the first things one comes up with when thinking about thick hair is that taking care of it takes quite some time. It is not easy to blow-dry it not to mention styling. However, it is not impossible. That is what worth keeping on your mind. Therefore, get ready for our basic though efficient tips and tricks which would definitely help you to finally fall in love with your bush by treating it right.

Basics Of Thick Hair Routine

Thick hair often means tangled coarse locks which is hard to style and make it look properly. Whether it is long or short, the scope of the problem remains the same. If you do not know the special features of your hair and how to treat it right, you will never make them look as good as they possibly can. Often, hairstyle is that detail which makes a significant difference in the way you look and feel.

Here is our list of the top tips which would make your hair look more gorgeous and well-coiffed:

  • choose the right brush: as such tresses get especially tangled owing to the volume, brushing plays vital role in the generall routine. First things first, you ought to have the right brush suiting your hair length and thickness;
  • brush upwards: once a proper brush is in place, the primary thing to remember is that brushing should always go from the ends and up to the top. This way you ensure that tangles get untangled one by one instead of all going towards the end and turning into a knotted ¬†mess;
  • do not wash it too often: when washing happens more than 2-3 times a week, you risk washing away some vital oils which are naturally created. Instead, you make tresses dry without these oils and thus even more tangled. The solution here is to choose the right shampoo which would not let it become greasy too soon;
  • do a regular cut: remember, it is usually better to prevent the fire instead of extinguishing it. Once you neglect regular cuts, your hair retaliates. It becomes impossibly dry and tangled thus requiring shorter cur. Take this into consideration if you want your thick hair to grow long.

To wrap things up, good-looking and neat thick hair is obviously a treasure. It is hard to find that very condition and even more difficult to keep it. Therefore, you have to become an explorer yourself, trying what works better for you. And remember, never neglect such basic rules like upward brushing or rare washing. Even if these are not to become your life-line, they will definitely change things tremendously. The rest is only up to you!